Formed by Bea Saiáns and Eire Cid.


We have both been friends since we were little: 90’s, ART boots & Nafta. The cathartic adventure of our passion began in 2009, when we went to study at the Vicente Cañada Blanch public institute in London.

There, we missed all possible classes to skate in skateparks, go to exhibitions at the Tate Modern and Saatchi Gallery, take buses that left us nowhere, meet Gerda Taro at the Barbican, drink in pubs far from the center, see Barry Lyndon on the big screen at the BFI and eat extra-sweet chocolate in the middle of the biggest snowfall in eighteen years. 

There, we missed all possible classes to throw coins in the Trafalgar Square fountain until we run out of desires: we did not go out on the border. 

We won the school fiction story contest that year: we lost the original.

We never went to collect the award.

Carolina Algueró Monné
Samanta Vázquez Fernández
Beatriz Verdescente
Alba Goenaga Diéguez
Aida Mariño Ardura
Ana Martínez Rodríguez
Isabel Domingo Martorell
Aida Torrado Lamas
Ana Fraile Somoza
Jesus Quereizaeta
Raquel Rey Blanco
Guillermo Alfaro Martínez
Eva Comesaña Sanromán
Mirian Carril
Sime Gavira
Pablo Galdo
Julia Moreno
Patricia Torres Garcia Oubiña
Luna Sáez
Elsa Pereira Rodríguez
Miguel Braga Rodrigues
Adriana Prexigueiro Rodríguez