CRU is a cinema producer company

promoted by Bea Saiáns, Iris Justo & CRUCREW.

We were born on March 8, 2022, since that date we have returned our resources to the underground, our habitat. where there is an infinite capacity for transformation and talent, which is invisible to many eyes, but which we embrace and elevate. fuck normal. we prioritize creative and technical teams of women or LGTBQIA+ people to alleviate the inequality of access of these to the universe of cinema and to whom we provide a safe environment to work.

Carolina Algueró Monné
Samanta Vázquez Fernández
Beatriz Verdescente
Alba Goenaga Diéguez
Aida Mariño Ardura
Ana Martínez Rodríguez
Isabel Domingo Martorell
Aida Torrado Lamas
Ana Fraile Somoza
Jesus Quereizaeta
Raquel Rey Blanco
Guillermo Alfaro Martínez
Eva Comesaña Sanromán
Mirian Carril
Sime Gavira
Pablo Galdo
Julia Moreno
Patricia Torres Garcia Oubiña
Luna Sáez
Elsa Pereira Rodríguez
Miguel Braga Rodrigues
Adriana Prexigueiro Rodríguez

With financial support of Ais O Peto